joi, 21 iunie 2012

Je sais

Astazi am primit o poezie tare frumoasa. Si iar o sa ma injure prietenele care nu stiu engleza ca nu am putere sa o traduc:

If I knew-Kimberly Kirberger

I would listen more carefully what my heart says
I would enjoy more... worry less
I would know that school woudl end soon enough...
and work... well, nevermind
I wouldn't worry so much what other people are thinking
I would appreciate all my vitality and tight skin
I would play more, fret less
I would know that my beauty/handomeness is
in my love of life
I would know how much my parents love me
I would believe that they are doing the best they can
I would enjoy the feeling of being in love
and not worry so much about how it works out
I would know that it probably won't...
but that something better will come along
I wouldn't be afraid of acting like a kid
I would be braver
I would look for the good qualities in everyone
and enjoy them for those.
I would trust my girlfriends
I woudl be a trustworthy girlfriend
I would enjoy kissing. Really enjoy it.
I would be more appreciative and grateful,
for sure

Raspunsul meu este dat de Jean Gabin:

Je Sais

Quand j'étais gosse, haut comme trois pommes
Je parlais bien fort pour être un homme

C'était le début, c'était le printemps
Mais quand j'ai eu mes dix-huit ans
J'ai dit, JE SAIS, ça y est, cette fois JE SAIS

Et aujourd'hui, les jours où je me retourne
Je regarde la terre où j'ai quand même fait les cent pas
Et je ne sais toujours pas comment elle tourne

Vers 25 ans, je savais tout
L'amour, les roses, la vie, les sous
Tiens oui l'amour ! J'en avais fait tout le tour !

Et heureusement, comme les copains
J'avais pas mangé tout mon pain
Au milieu de ma vie, j'ai encore appris

Ce que j'ai appris, ça tient en trois, quatre mots :
Le jour où quelqu'un vous aime, il fait très beau
Je peux pas mieux dire, il fait très beau

C'est encore ce qui m'étonne dans la vie
Moi qui suis à l'automne de ma vie
On oublie tant de soirs de tristesse
Mais jamais un matin de tendresse

Toute ma jeunesse, j'ai voulu dire JE SAIS
Seulement, plus je cherchais, et puis moins je savais

Il y a soixante coups qui ont sonné à l'horloge
Je suis encore à ma fenêtre, je regarde, et je m'interroge


La vie, l'amour, l'argent, les amis et les roses
On ne sait jamais le bruit ni la couleur des choses
C'est tout ce que je sais ! Mais ça, je le SAIS...


I know

When I was a child, kneehigh to a grasshoper
I used to speak very loudly to be a man
I used to say, I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW

It was the beginning, it was spring
But when I turned 18
I said, I KNOW, here I go - this time I KNOW

And now, every time I turn around
I look at the earth, a place I paced up and down though
And I still don't know how it turns

When I was about 25, I knew everything
Love, roses, life, money
Oh yeah, love! I knew it thoroughly!

And luckily, like my mates
I hadn't eaten up all my bread*
Halfway through my life, I learned new things again

What I've learned takes up only four, five words:
On the day when someone loves you, the weather is very fine
I can't say it better - the weather is very fine

That's the last thing to amaze me about life
I who am in the autumn of my life
You can forget so many evenings of sadness
But never a morning of tenderness

All the time when I was young, I wanted to say I KNOW
However, the more I searched, the less I knew then

The clock has stricken 60
I'm still standing at my window, looking out and wondering


Life, love, money, friends and roses
You never know the noise nor the color of things
That's all I know! But I KNOW that...

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