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Forever Young = Tineri pe Vecie---Top Ten Antiaging Foods

Printre miturile care bantuie timpul in care traim, cu o populatie din ce in ce mai avansata in varsta, cel putin in tarile ceva mai prospere, se afla si cel ca vom reusi sa ne mentinem tineri timp indelungat daca...

Daca avem un stil de viata sanatos

Daca nu ne stresam prea tare

Daca facem destula miscare

Daca stim ce alimente sa consumam

S-ar parea ca incercarea de a fi de folos altora, macar cu un zambet si o vorba buna daca nu se poate altfel, sau continuarea imbogatirii spirituale ar putea fi lasate in cel mai bun caz in plan secund, daca nu chiar abandonate. 

Dar cum eu vreau sa raman tanara fiind de folos altora cu mai multe vorbe bune, scrise insa de altii, am sa va prezint o poza sugestiva in care vi se recomanda 10 alimente de top menite sa va mentina tineretea:

Deci, sa recapitulam: 

1. Avocado (cautati in fundul gradinii daca la supermarket vi se par prea scumpe): 
2. Ginger (Ghimbir) (vezi sfatul anterior) 
3. Cruciferele (pe romaneste varzoase, cam peste tot se recomanda brocoli, incercati varza murata, atentie hipotiroidieni, endocrinologii recomanda sa le evitati) 
4. Pastele din cereale integrale si orez nedecorticat (ieftine ca braga, cu cat sunt mai putin prelucrate, cu atat mai scumpe, n-am sa inteleg niciodata filozofia asta de piata) 
5. Soya (s-ar zice ca cerealele ne imbatranesc, daca sunt curatate de pleava si tarate, deci, hai sa urmam cultura asiatica si sa le reducem in favoarea acestei plante, deasemenea toxica pt hipotiroidieni) 
6. Usturoiul (stiau egiptenii, romanii sau coreenii de ce l-au consumat inca de acum cateva milenii, este realmente reputat ca fiind f sanatos, lasand la o parte efectele secundare olfactive) 
7. Nucile (nu numai cele autohtone, ci mai ales cele importate, doar trebuie sa sprijinim economia mondiala, nu-i asa? : migdale, alune, fistic) 
8. Fructele de Padure (cum altfel sa traduc berries? afine, mure, zmeura, capsuni, nu sunt sigura daca nu si dudele, care se numesc in engleza mulberries,  mmmm, as manca toata ziua, chiar in loc de carne, eu fiind mare carnivora, dar carnea e cah, De fapt se recomanda fructe negre sau albastre: mure, afine, coacaze negre, struguri negri) 
9. Apa (de dorit de izvor, din tari cat mai indepartate, ca a noastra ne pute) 
10. Pepenele verde (diabeticii, care nu au voie minunea asta, oricum nu au mari sperante la o vesnica tinerete)

O sa copiez si recomandarile in engleza, n-o sa le mai traduc, siturile romanesti, in special cele dedicate femeilor (doar se stie ca ele sunt mai longevive) abunda in traduceri, daca nu ale acestui material, atunci ale altora asemanatoare.

Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods

The general guidelines for the anti-aging diet are: keep your calorie consumption and saturated fat intake down; eat plenty of wholegrain, fresh fruits and vegetables; and cut down on salt and sugar. In addition to these general guidelines, there are specific foods that have a roll in anti-aging and that you should regularly include in your diet.

1. Avocado:
This fruit, which is usually eaten as a vegetable, is a good source of healthy monounsaturated fat that may help to reduce level of a bad type of cholesterol in body. Avocado is a good source of vitamin E and can help to maintain healthy skin and prevent skin aging (vitamin E may also help alleviate menopausal hot flushes). It is rich in potassium which helps prevent fluid retention and high blood pressure.

2. Ginger:
This spicy root can boost the digestive and circulatory systems, which can be useful for older people. Ginger may also help to alleviate rheumatic aches and pains.

3. Cruciferous vegetables:
The family of Cruciferous vegetables includes cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, turnip, brussels sprouts, radish and watercress. Cruciferous vegetables assist the body in its fight against toxins and cancer. You should try to consume at least 115g/40z(of any one or a combination) of these vegetables on a daily basis. If possible, eat them row or very lightly cooked so that the important enzymes remain intact.

4. Whole meal pasta and rice:
Complex carbohydrates provide a consistent supply of energy throughout the day and should make up the bulk of your diet. Wholemeal pasta is an excellent complex carbohydrate. It is high in fibre and contains twice the amount of iron as normal pasta. Brown rice is another recommended complex carbohydrate, which is high in fibre and B vitamins.

5. Soya:
Menopausal women might find that soya helps to maintain oestrogen levels. Soya may alleviate menopausal hot flush and protect against Alzheimer's disease, osteoporosis and heart disease. Look out for fermented soya products, which are more easily digested, therefore more nutritional, and do not generally cause food intolerances. You may want to check that soya products have not been genetically modified. Soya should not be confused with soya sauce, which is full of salt and should be used sparingly, if at all.

6. Garlic:
Eating a clove of garlic a day (row or cooked) helps to protect the body against cancer and heart disease. The cardioprotective effects of garlic are well recorded. One 1994 study in Iowa, USA, of 41,837 women between the age of 55 and 69 suggested that women who ate a clove of garlic at least once a week were 50 percent less likely to develop colon cancer. Another study at Tasgore Medical college in India suggested that garlic reduced cholesterol levels and assisted blood thinning more effectively than aspirin, thus helping to reduce the risk of heart disease.

7. Nuts:
Most varieties of nuts are good sources of minerals, particularly walnuts and brazi nuts. Walnuts, although high in calories, are rich in potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and selenium. Adding nuts to your diet (sprinkle them on salads and desserts) can enhance the functioning of your digestive and immune systems, improve your skin help control prevent cancer. Nuts may also help control cholesterol levels. Never eat rancid nuts, however, as they have been linked to a high incidence of free radicals.

8. Berries:
All black and blue berries such as blackberries, blueberries, blackcurrants and black grapes contain phytochemicals known as flavonoids-powerful antioxidants which help to protect the body against damage caused by free radicals and aging.

9. Water:
Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day in order to remain healthy. Water helps us to get rid of the toxins and unwanted waste materials from your body.
Don't rely on thirst; this sensation diminishes with age. Drink often and choose from nutritious liquids, including 100% fruit and vegetable juices, skim or low fat milk, broths, sparkling water, and teas. You can also get fluids from foods, especially those that are liquid at room temperature. Try gelatin, frozen yogurt, soups, watermelon, pickles, oranges, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.

10. Watermelon:
Both the flesh and seeds of the watermelon are nutritious so try blending them together in a food processor and drinking as a juice. The flesh contain vitamin A, B and C ; the seeds contain selenium, essential fats, zinc and vitamin E, all of which help against free radical damage and aging

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