vineri, 27 iunie 2008


S-ar zice ca am gasit si pomul cu pamatufuri albe la:
Acacia angustissima
Family: Fabaceae
Common name: white ball acacia
Synonym(s): prairie acacia
Scientific Name: Acacia angustissima
Common Name: Prairie Acacia, White-ball Acacia
Flower Color: White, greenish cream, pinkish
Plant Type: Subshrub, Herb, Perennial, Deciduous
Height: To 3 feet (91 cm) tall or more
Date Observed: June 17, 2005
Notes: The flowers are clustered into 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) wide, fuzzy balls of stamens and are followed by brown seedpods. The leaves are green and bipinnate with tiny leaflets. The stems are reddish and spineless. The larger stems are ridged and grooved unlike the similar, taller, smooth-stemmed Lysiloma watsonii.
In fine, pt imaginea de sus:
Leaves - Alternate, petiolate, stipulate, bipinnate (even), to +15cm long. Petioles to 3cm long, lacking glands. Expanded portion at the base of the petiole to 3mm long. Petioles and rachis with shallow adaxial groove, pubescent as the stem. Stipules thin and dry, ferruginous, ~3mm long, ~.5mm wide, with ciliate margins, other wise glabrous. Pinnae opposite to sub-opposite, +/-11 per side. Petiolules of pinnae -1mm long, antrorse pubescent. Leaf divisions with many pinnules (+/-50 per margin). Pinnules -4mm long, -1.5mm broad, acute, entire, oblique at the base, dull green above, light green below with a dark green midrib, with a few sparse hairs at the margins.
Inflorescence - Pedunculate, axillary globose clusters mostly in the apical half of the stem. Peduncles light green, sparse antrorse pubescent, carinate, +/-2cm long. Pedicels light green, to 1mm long. Flowers +/-25 per head
Flowers - Petals 5, green, erect, united at the very base, glabrous, acute, to -3mm long, 1mm broad, oblong elliptic. Calyx greatly reduced, .7mm long with very shallow lobes. Stamens very numerous (+100), well exserted from the perianth. Filaments white, glabrous, 5-8mm long, capillary. Anthers pale yellow, .1mm broad. Ovary superior, green, 1-1.2mm long in flower, .5mm in diameter, cylindric, subtended by a yellow ring-like nectary. Stipe .5-.7mm long. Style 1, as long as the filaments, light green, 3-4mm long. Fruits not seen.
Flowering - June - October.
Habitat - Rocky glades, open hillsides, exposed ledges along bluffs.
Origin - Native to U.S., Central and South America, Australia, Africa.
Flori asemanatoare are si Acacia mearnsii.

Se poate face o comparatie cu pozele mele din articolul Acacia. Florile mele sunt mai pleostite pt ca le-a cam trecut vremea de inflorit.

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