miercuri, 6 mai 2009

In loc de Botox

Un sfat interesant primit pe email. Se pare ca inca nu-i timpul pierdut pt a-l aplica.

Friday, May 1
Tales state that the first thing you should do on this May Day is to go outside and 'wash' your face with morning dew. Before you brew the coffee or even hit the loo, you should get glam with the dew. Traditionally, young girls from Brit cultures would hurry outdoors early on this morning to gather dew on their hands and rub it from top of their heads to bottom of their necks. The promise was one of beautiful skin for the rest of their days with nary a pimple, freckle or wretched wrinkle in sight. If you happen to have missed this window, you can still gather dew any morning this month and use it to exponentially and eternally improve your countenance. Face it, who wouldn't want to forego Botox and try Mother Nature's way of staying forever young as well as always looking just as fresh as, well, morning dew? I'm in. As soon as I get back from my very early morning foray out.

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