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Estas Tonne - Place Of The Gods - FULL ALBUM

Imi cer scuze pentru necunoscatorii de engleza. Chiar nu am timp sa traduc textul. Dar, daca puteti, incercati macar sa ascultati cum canta omul acesta. Sunetul e divin....

Estas Tonne is a modern day Troubadour. He was born in former USSR where he trained in classical guitar for 6 years. He moved to Israel with his family and did not pick up a guitar again for 11 years.

Estas arrived in New York just after the tragedy of 9/11 with the intention of finding his true path. It was here that he rediscovered his passion to play guitar. Teaming up with the already established violinist virtuoso, Michael Shulman, he played across New York throughout 2002, culminating in a moving 9/11 anniversary concert in Union Square.

Since 2002 Estas went traveling and performing around the world, playing in the USA, Mexico,India,Israel and Europe, developing and refining a unique, diverse style that is shaped by the encounters of his journey. His music is exuberant, timeless yet inventive. It transcends cultural differences, speaks across generations, and inspires the heart of humanity.

In old times, traveling musicians spread the Light through their music and storytelling. Because we all have a choice, I choose to live my life in accordance with this timeless tradition. (E.T.)

Estas plays a 6-stringed acoustic guitar, using a remarkable finger picking technique that combines solo, rhythm and a continual walking base line, and amplification to create a powerful, reverberating sound. He plays his guitar as an orchestra in one instrument. His music explodes with passion and life, weaving elements of gypsy, classical, latin and rock to create a harmonious array of shifting melodies and emotions. At times his music is uplifting and joyous, at other times sad and melancholic. Always it is inspiring, magical, intoxicating and mesmerizing.

Over the last 7 years, Estas has captured a strong, underground following through performing street concerts and at festivals, clubs and other venues around the world. Since 2003 he has sold over 50,000 CDs and has more then 6000 fans in his contact list.

Estas is an extraordinarily gifted musician and storyteller, whose music flows from the heart and soul, with an alluring presence that appeals to a wide audience. 

Estas Tonne - Place Of The Gods - FULL ALBUM

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/estastonnemu...

Page : http://estastonne.bandcamp.com/

Track list :

1. The Winds Will Bring You Home 00:00

2. All Roads Lead to Rome/Jerusalem 8:33

3. Paris Heart 14:49

4. Snowing 18:21

5. Little Jarochero 20:30

6. Bohemian Skies 22:50

7. Cosmic Fairytale 28:36

8. Happiness Comes Back Again 39:03

9. Walking 43:10

10. Cuban Dance Intro 46:10

11. Cuban Dance 48:55

12. David's Entry 59:27

13. Place of the Gods 1:04:07


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